It was a vital part of my college experience.

08/06/2013 10:14

"Shades of Brown is an essential part of the Davidson College community. It was a vital part of my college experience because it gave me a chance to have fun, learn from others, and do what I do best...STEP!!!! From "Dance Ensemble" to "Night With The Cats" - Shades of Brown gives students an outlet for social exchange, personal growth, and good wholesome fun. We are more than a performance group...we are a team...a family...from different walks life...different majors...different interests...different experiences...but when practice starts, we are one...we are a family...a loud, crazy, happy, joyous (and sometimes even dysfunctional) family. Thats what Shades of Brown means to me. " 

-Craig Pickett, Class of 2008