How long have you been stepping?

Surprisingly an overwhelming majority of our members never stepped before they got to Davidson College and joining Shades of Brown was their first experience with stepping. There are a few members who stepped when they were in High School and then joined in college.

How do I join Shades of Brown?

Joining the team is simple! In order to become a member of Shades of Brown you must come to the Big Meeting that is held in the Duke Family Performance Hall at 8pm  at the begging of every semester. If you cannont make it to the meeting then email the current President of the organization.

Is it hard to learn to Step?

You may be surprised to know that it is not hard at all. Our members are dedicated to teach you how to step and if it proves a little difficult for you we are willing to take the extra time to show you how its done. Practice really is the key to learning how to step.

Why is Shades of Brown divided into teams?

Both A-Team and B-Team make up Shades of Brown but are separated into skill level.


B-Team is the beginner group of the Step Team. Members of B-Team practice once a week in preparation for the Dance Ensemble performance, which happens both Fall and Spring semester. While on B-Team students are introduced to the art of stepping.


A-Team is the more advanced group of the Step Team that not only performs at Dance Ensemble but also performs for various events year round. The members of A-Team have more practices and performances than those that are a part of B-Team. Members of B-Team graduate to A-Team when they show improvement in the skill of stepping. Anyone can become a part of A-Team but they must first go through B-Team.